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Personalise your food experience in Athens

Tailor-made for you personally, according to your preferences, budget and expectations,

away from generic, one-size-fits-all food tours and activities

Why? What’s more?

Get under the skin
of our food culture

Taste local food, wine and beverage products, learn
about the culinary history and

experience authentic hospitality.

Avoid tourist traps. Save time.
Gain memories

Hassle-free, cutting off all the noise of the
oversaturated web and the fear to end up at
a tourist trap.

Experience special treatment

Receive unique information, upgrades &
discounts, that cannot be found online.

Have on-spot assistance

Be flexible with changes you might want
and help you might need.

What sets us apart?

We are like-minded locals

We are locals, food & beverage professionals. Food travellers ourselves.
We believe food is more than just a meal, it’s a great storyteller.

We believe that food is more than just a meal

It communicates a sense of place. Tales of history. Journeys of people.

We have a story for you

We have a story for you. Our story. About an amazing city, not only for its history and culture, but for its exciting food scene.
After all, Athenians first perfected the idea that food goes beyond the plate.
Discover it with us.

We are Athenians in soul

We understand how important the distinctive local products, culinary history and hospitality are to an area’s character.

How it works

We listen to you.

Talking about your interests and style helps
us get to know you better

We create your personalized plan.

Pick from a diverse set of insider options.

You review the plan.

Send us feedback, we ensure everything is
at your satisfaction.


We take care of the details and all necessary arrangements

What our customers say

The 2-hours food tour at the main market was interesting and surprisingly enriching. Since we came from Israel, a close place and environment, we expected and suspected that not much will be new for us, we were wrong!


Tour sounds far too impersonal – our experience was much closer to meeting an old friend who took us on a private adventure in amazing Athens! We totally lost track of time on a route that introduced us a number of gastronomy focused establishments, that really competed our 10 day journey in Greece.

Doug & Addy

My friends and I signed up for an experience somewhat last minute and were SO happy we did! We sampled all kinds of Greek specialties — things we never would have known to try (or known how to even order/ask for!). As we continued our travels through Greece, we kept referring back to our tour – saying things like “that’s that pastry we tried on our food tour in Athens”! Very highly recommended – you won’t regret it.


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