The present website http: //www.greekality.com, constitutes property of the operator of the website (hereinafter the “Operator”) and has the purpose to inform/ provide personal updates on issues of interest to the users/visitors of the Website (hereinafter the “Users”). The use of the webpages and the services of the present website (hereinafter the “Services”) by any User require his/her unconditional agreement with the following terms of use, which extends to the entirety of the site content, the pages, the graphic designs, the images, the photographs and files included in the website. Therefore, any User of the
website undertakes to read the present terms and conditions before using the Services and before accessing the content of the Website. The User should regularly check the content of the present website, since amendments to its content may be made. The uninterrupted use of the Website, if amendments to its content have indeed been made, constitutes an unconditional acceptance to the amended terms of use on behalf of the User.
The User hereby confirms that he/she may legally represent himself/herself and guarantees that she has the right and the ability to be bound by the present terms and conditions. Furthermore, the User represents and warrants that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years old.
In particular:

The entirety of the website’s content constitutes intellectual property of the Operator. This content includes, indicatively and not restrictively, texts, images, designs, graphic designs, audiovisual video, software applications, trade names, trademarks and distinctive marks, included in the website and are property of the Operator, all of which are protected under the legislation in force applicable to industrial and intellectual property. Any action relating to the reproduction, distribution, modification or use of any of the above for commercial purposes without the Operator’s prior written consent is prohibited.
The Operator takes all necessary and reasonable anticipated measures, so that the entirety of the content and information included/ appearing in her website are precise, accurate and reliable. The Operator does not guarantee that the aforementioned data and information are correct, accurate, updated, available and reliable and bears no responsibility towards the Users for any damage caused due to their incorrect or inaccurate nature.

The Website offers Users online access to the digital content of the website and updates regarding matters of interest to the Website and to the Services.
The Operator shall bear no responsibility and shall incur no liability, regarding the provision of the aforementioned Services, namely the transmission and provision of access to the aforementioned information in the Website, as well as the electronic submission of the aforementioned applications in the Website.
The Operator of the Website does not provide any guarantees that the Website, the Services and the contents of the Website shall be provided without any interruption or defect, or that any inherent defect shall be repaired. In case that the User is prevented from using the Website for reasons relating to, indicatively and not restrictively, communication problems or other defects concerning the transmission or access to the information through the Website, the operator of the Website shall bear no responsibility for any kind of damage inflicted upon a User, since the Operator cannot guarantee the availability or /and the smooth operation of the Website at all times and in all locations.

The Website contains links to other websites. These links are provided for the convenience of the Users and with the purpose of providing further useful information to them. The Operator shall bear no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages or/and losses of Users, that may occur as a result of the interconnection with other websites through the links, since the aforementioned websites are not under the control of the Operator. In particular, the Operator shall bear no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any of the above mentioned, because the Operator under no circumstances does it provide any guarantee with regard to either the integrity of the content of the Website, the personal data protection policy or/and the completeness and safety of other websites, that are interconnected to the Website via links or of the servers, through which our website and other websites are placed at the disposal of the Users.

The operator of the Website encourages the private access to the content of the Website only under the assertion that any relevant intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as any rights emanating from Protection of Personal Data Legislation are not violated in any way. However, the Users must be aware that some files or data included in the Website mayconstitute third parties Intellectual Property rights.
The following actions are strictly prohibited: storage, reproduction, publication, transmission or distribution of trademarks and logos or service marks of the websites’ Operator’s ownership or of third parties contained in the Website.
Moreover, the storage, exploitation, publication, distribution, reproduction and copying in any manner any part of the content and services of the Website for commercial purposes or for any use other than the private viewing by the User is strictly prohibited. Particularly, the isolated copying and printing of the webpages and their content is allowed under the precondition that they will not be tampered in any way, and only to the extent that they are intended to be used only for the personal viewing of the individual User of the Website.

The operator of the Website shall bear no responsibility, for any direct or indirect, positive or circumstantial damage or/and loss or/and loss of profit by the Users of the present website, caused due to third parties’ unlawful conduct (e.g. eavesdropping or decoding of codes or/and data), spread of viruses during the use of the Website or during its downloading or when downloading parts of its content or defects, which may appear during the use of computer devices (e.g. loss of data etc.). Furthermore the Operator does not provide any guarantee that the webpages, the services, the selection choices and the content shall be provided without interruption and/or without any defects, as well as not that any such defect will be repaired.
The Operator of the Website reserves the right to modify the content of the Website, to add, amend and/or remove any element and/ or information included herein without any prior notification. Furthermore, the Operator of the Website reserves the right to modify at any time the present terms and conditions.

The Users of the Website undertake to comply with the Greek laws and provisions in force, as well as the relevant European and international legislation concerning the telecommunications. In this context, the Users undertake any responsibility for any damage inflicted upon the website or the network in general, from actions deriving from bad and/or improper use of the webpages and/or the services of the Operator.
The access on your behalf to the Operator’s Website represents that you have adequately and fully understood all the aforementioned as well as that you absolutely agree with the herein terms and conditions.

The management and protection of the personal data of any User of the Website falls under
the herein mentioned terms and conditions as well as under the relevant provisions of the Greek legislation regarding data protection.
If the User disagrees with the present terms and conditions regarding the protection of personal data, he/she should not use the present website and its services. The Operator may file a number of technical data, such as IP addresses as well as browser types, which are used by the Users, without however connecting such data with any information that could possibly identify them. This practically means that the user history in the Operator’s website is recorded, however any such user maintains at all times his/her anonymity. All the aforementioned have as exclusive purpose to extract statistical
information, regarding the total rate of users’ visits to the present website, and not the monitoring of each unique visitor. This information is used for the improvement of the least popular pages or in order to determine which parts of the website are useful or popular and add more content to the most popular pages.
In the event that the collection of personal data is deemed necessary (registration to the mailing list etc.), the Operator explicitly represents that this information will under no circumstances become available to third parties, unless otherwise provided for by the relevant Law.
The personal data that may be collected by the operator of the Website according to the above mentioned, shall be exclusively used for communication to the public of information targeted to the promotion of the Operator’s products and services. In any event the Users of the Website shall have the option to unsubscribe to the mailing list in an unambiguous and clear-cut manner.

Software programs have been recognized as literary works and are explicitly protected as such (according to article 2 para 3 sub. a of Law 2121/1993). Therefore any reproduction, amendment, revision, translation, presentation to the public and distribution of the aforementioned computer programs for any reason without the Operator’s prior written consent is strictly prohibited. By exception to the above, any such use of the computer programs may be allowed only to the extent that such use is made in accordance with its intended use (article 42 para 1 of Law 2121/1993).
Notwithstanding the aforementioned, any unauthorized copying of or infringement of the computer programs may trigger the consequences of the provisions regarding unfair competition, in the event that it is made by a competitor of the creator and results in the exact imitation of the original program (article 1 of Law 146/1914).

i. Information for the Operator and its Website
The protection of the User’s personal data is of essence to the Operator. Therefore, the Operator of the Website shall safeguard the private nature of the User’s personal data by ensuring their privacy and by not allowing such personal data’s transmission to any third party for any reason whatsoever except to the extent permitted by the provisions of the Law and even when so, exclusively towards the competent authorities.
ii. Data collection and purpose of collection
The Operator collects and processes the personal data that the users of the Website voluntarily provide while using its services exclusively for the purpose explicitly stated in the Website.
The use of such personal data for any other purpose is permitted solely with the prior specific consent of the respective owner of such personal data, that may be provided either in a written form or via pinpointing such intent in a specific part of the website during the collection of the personal date. The Users are entitled to withdraw such consent at any time by submitting a written application to that effect or by sending an e-mail to that effect to the Operator of the Website.
The Website’s Operator does not collect information with regard to the users from any other source, such as public records or agencies or private organizations.iii. Confidentiality/ Security
The Operator of the Website allows the Users of the Website to transmit the personal data required for their identification (identifiers) with the safe transmission method.
The Operator of the Website implements the most contemporary technics regarding the protection of personal data, that are held in its records in order to counteract:
• Unlawful access
• Unlawful use or disclosure
• Unlawful modification
• Intentional or unintentional destruction
The Operator of the Website does not guarantee and bears no responsibility, in case that the personal data, held in the Website’s records, become part of unlawful conduct that causes damage, pecuniary or moral, to their bearer, due to force majeure or for any other reason not related to gross negligence or intent of the Operator.

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