Authentic food experiences in Athens: 3 reasons to enjoy

Greek breakfast in an authentic food experience in Athens

An authentic food experience goes way beyond than just a tasty meal at a restaurant, because it helps you make the most of your travels in a meaningful and mindful way. Here’s three reasons why a unique food experience is one of the top things to do when visiting Athens.

1. See, hear, touch, smell and… taste

A gastronomic experience wakes up all your five senses. During a food walk in Athens for example, you will listen to the stories of the place and its people and see the colourful and vibrant morsels of a local market. On a culinary tour in Athens, you will feel the texture and the shape of fresh vegetables, take in the fragrant smells of fruit and savour some of the regional delicacies. This food experience makes you energised by tantalising all your senses, therefore you remain focused on the present.

2. Learn from the locals and exchange ideas

Unique local experiences will change the way you think about Athens. They will give you a deep understanding of the local way of life in Greece. You are in the spotlight now. You have the chance to form your own opinion, leave your TV or laptop and truly see and experience this moment. Many times I’ve heard from travellers say: “Before I came here, I thought Athens was like..” / I thought Greeks were more..” Well, that’s the point of visiting Athens, to come and see for yourself!

Meet with the local community in Greece

3. Become part of the local community

Locals and their foods are not just “things to see” in Athens to check off your bucket list. Seize the opportunity to transform yourself from a simple participant to a true part of the community. Celebrate with them the diverse Athenian food scene and make your way back home full of memories that will make you hungry for more…

In Athens, you are always welcome!

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