Personalise your food experience in Athens

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Optimise your Athenian experience!

Why personalise your food experiences in Athens?

– You unleash the potential of both your time and Athens’ culinary offerings, all at your greatest convenience

– You are in control of your travel, you craft your day anyway you like it, eg connecting your passion for food with a hobby you like

– Elevate your travel experience with  memories unique as you are! And have *that story* to tell friends back home, on Instagram, and for yourself when you’re back at work

Why with us?

  • You have an insider

    – Have you ever wished you had an insider, foodie friend in every major destination?  Someone you can trust when Trip Advisor isn’t enough? That’s us.

    – We’re seasoned travellers through and through…

    – We don’t compromise when it comes to discovering a place’s cuisine

    – We believe in making the most of our travel through meaningful, curated experiences

    – We know the memories that stick versus the times stuff felt touristic and cheap

    – We know what it’s like to do, time-consuming research online, only to end up in yet another tourist trap

    – As foodies, we prioritise getting a taste of place wherever we go

  • As true locals...

    – We want to share our city’s best with you!

    – Athens is well-known for its history and culture, but don’t sleep on our food scene! It’s been under the radar, but not for much longer

    – Greeks perfected the idea that food goes beyond the plate, and evolved a whole culture around food as an important social activity and ritual.. rather than a physical need

    – We know how important the distinctive local food and beverage products, culinary history and hospitality are to an area’s character. If you miss this, you miss out on a major part of Athens’ charm!

  • We want to treat you as we like to be treated as travellers, so we…

    Go the extra mile to get to know you and personalise your travel. This process is especially crafted for the discerning food traveller

    – Provide detailed insider info. The content is rich and credible, so you have a clear, complete

    idea before you book

    – Allow you to pick from a diverse set of insider options. Think activities that can’t be found online and are known by locals only…

    – Become the bridge between you and an extensive network of talented food professionals,

    trusted locals, and like-minded people

    – Save you time, hassle-free, cutting off all the noise of the oversaturated web

    – Want you to not only scratch the surface.. but get under the skin of the city!

    – Make sure you have unmissable experiences and don’t leave things to chance

    – Offer you discounts, upgrades, and special treatment

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